Aktuelle Tänze 2022


I'm on my Way

Choreografie: Maggie Gallagher; Musik: Toora Loora Lay by Celtic Thunder


Don't break the Heart

Choreografie: Colin Ghys & Raymond Sarlemijn; Musik: Don't break the Heart by Tom Grennan


The Bucket

Choreografie: Gudrun Schneider; Musik: Suds in the Bucket by Sara Evans


Other Side of the Hill

Choreografie:Ole Jocobson & Nina K.; Musik: Other Side Of The Hill by Alanna Quinn


A One Way Ticket

Choreografie: Séverine Fillion; Musik: One Way Ticket by Billy Currington



Aktuelle Tänze 2021


Twist and Turns

Choreografie: Maddison Glover; Musik: Tomorrow Never Comes by Zac Brown Band


Stilbaai Charleston

Choreografie: Alison Dixon; Musik: Technoband von Swing City


Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights

Choreografie: Ivonne Verhagen; Musik: Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights by Robynn Shayne




Aktuelle Tänze 2020



Gerry's Reel

Choreografie: Maggie Gallagher; Musik: Gerry's Reel by The Corrs


Choreografie: Maggie Gallagher; Musik: Wintergreen by The East Pointers

What a man gotta do

Choreografie: Julia Wetzel; Musik: What a Man Gotta Do by Jonas Brothers

Blue ain't your Color

Choreografie: Ray Verdonk & José Miguel Belloque Vane; Musik: Blue Ain't your Color by Keith Urban

wake up in the morning

Choreografie: Ole Jacobson feat. Nina K; Musik: If I Knew by Parker Redmond

Faithfull Soul

Choreografie: Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher; Musik: Faith's Song by Celtic Woman



Aktuelle Tänze 2019

Country Jive

Choreografie: Bruno Morel; Musik: Down at the country jive by Trevor Loughrey


Choreografie: Heather Barton; Musik: Missing von William Morgan

Anything for Love

Choreografie: The Dreamers; Musik: Anything for Love by James House

Chasing down a good time

Choreografie: Dan Albro; Musik: Chasing Down a Good Time von Randy Houser

Three Teachers

Choreografie: Araceli Captain, David Vilellas & Montse Chafino; Musik: Head over Heels by The Washboard Union

Get it right

Choreografie: Maddison Glover; Musik: Hard not to love it von Steve Moakler


Choreografie: Rob Fowler; Musik: Damn! (ft. Dave Mustaine) von Brett Kissel


Choreografie: Gabi Ibanez; Musik: Take it or break it von Wilson Fairchild

Groovy Love

Choreografie: Fred Whitehouse, Daniel Trepat & Jonas Dahlgren; Musik: If Jesus love me von Saint Lanvain

Ya come down!!

Choreografie: Teo Lattanzio Musik: Won't Ya come down by Derek Ryan


Choreografie: Gary Lafferty; Musik: Brokenhearted von William Morgan

All day long

Choreografie: Gary Lafferty; Musik: Mr. Mom von Lonestar

Somewhere in my car

Choreografie: Rachael McEnaney; Musik: Somewhere in my car von Keith Urban


Choreografie: Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner; Musik: This is not Goodbye von James Reid

Farmer's Wife

Choreografie: Agnes Gauthier & Severine Fillion; Musik: A Farmer'Wife by Jayne Denham

A Country High

Choreografie: Norman Gifford; Musik: High on a Country Song von Sam Riggs


Choreografie: Dream of Country - Corsica (Mela Claude); Musik: "Mama Tried" von George Canyon

Honky Tonk Time Machine

Choreografie: Dan Albro; Musik: Honky Tonk Time Machine von George Strait

Nothing but you

Choreografie: Darren Bailey; Musik: Nothing but you von Leaving Austin

Road Trip

Choreografie: Angel Vidal; Musik: Road Trip by Ritchie Remo

Whiskey's Gone

Choreografie: Rob Fowler; Musik: Whiskey's Gone von The Zac Brown Band

Chuck & Cowboy

Choreografie: Valerie del Campo; Musik: Found von Dan Davidson


Choreografie: Pat Stott; Musik: Codigo von George Strait


Choreografie: Manfred Coors; Musik: Santiano von Santiano

James walk away

Choreografie: Tobias Jentzsch; Musik: Walk Away von Alle Farben & James Blunt

Dance to the Violin

Choreografie: Katrin Gäbler & Toralf Tylla; Musik: Electric Daisy Violin by Lindsey Stirling

Pack my Bag

Choreografie: Ria Voss; Musik: Old Life Goodbye by Staffan Stridsberg 

Madison Olds

Choreografie: Ole Jacobson feat. Nina K.; Musik: Madison Olds by Moments n the Mountains

Soul Shake

Choreografie: Fred Whitehouse; Musik: Soul Shake by Tommy Castro

Tequila Sunrise

Choreografie: Kerstin & Peter Lienert; Musik: Tequila Sunrise by Pinchitos Caliente


Choreografie: Francien Sittrop; Musik: Quedate Con Ella von Natalia Jeménez

Dixie Girl

Choreografie: Séverine Fillion, Musik: Dixie Girl von Johnathan East


Choreografie: Gary O'Reilly; Musik: Adalaida von Derek Ryan

Texas Time

Choreografie: Allan Birchall & Jacqui Jax; Musik: Texas Time von Keith Urban

Bonaparte's Retreat

Choreografie: Maddison Glover; Musik: Bonaparte's Retreat von Glen Campbell

Part Friday, Part Sunday

Choreografie: Christine Stewart; Musik: Part Friday Night, Part Sunday morning by Bryan Adams

Belle Louisiana

Choreografie: Wil Bos; Musik: He yaille, yaille (Disco fai dodo) von Véronique Labbé 




Aktuelle Tänze 2018

Wild & Free

Choreographie: Laura Jones; Musik: Tin Roof by Chancey Williams & The Younger Brothers Band


Choreographie: Gabi Ibánez; Musik: All you need is me by Joey & Rory

Don't you wish

Choreographie: Daisy Simons; Musik: Don't You wish it was true by John Fogerty

Down on your uppers

Choreographie: Gary O'Reily; Musik: Derek Ryan

Cash Back

Choreographie: Fave Fife; Musik: I Walk The Line (Revisited) by Rodney Crowell

Stilbaai Charleston

Choreographie: Alison Dixon; Musik Technoband von Swing City

Town of Hope and Memories

Choreographie: Gitte Jakobsen; Musik: Dirty Old Town by Johnny Logan & Friends


Choreographie: Maddison Glover; Musik: Story by Drake White

Dig Your Heels

Choreographie: Maddison Glover; Musik: Here's to You & I by McClymonts


Choreographie: Tina Argyle; Musik: Roots by Zac Brown Band

Born for Country

Choreographie: Tony Stanton; Musik: Born for Country by Fools Gold


Aktuelle Tänze 2017

Waiting For

Choreographie: Mario & Lilly Hollnsteiner; Musik: 5,6,7,8 by Marshall Dane

Friday At The Dance

Choreographie: Rob Fowler and Laura Sway; Musik: Friday at the Dance by Michael English


Choreographie: Ole Jacobson (ft. Nina K.); Musik: Next to you, Next to me by Robert Mizzell

Big City Summertime

Choreographie: Darren 'Daz' Bailey; Musik: Summertime by Big City Brian Wright

Damn Drunk

Choreographie: Roy Hoeben; Musik: Damn Drunk by Ronnie Dunn (with Kix Brooks)

1929 (Catalan Style)

Choreographie: Carmen Sese & Ramona Neus; Musik: 1929 by Tara Oram, Bad Bad Leroy Brown by Jim Croce

Paddy's Choir

Choreographie: Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher; Musik: Place in the Choir by Patrick Feeney

Lonely Drum

Choreographie: Darren Mitchell; Musik by Aaron Goodvin

21 Summer

Choreographie: John Dembiec; Musik by The Brother Osborne

Clickety Clack

Choreographie: Peter Metelnick & Kathy Hunyadi; Musik: Southbound Train by Travis Tritt

Midnight Train

Choreographie: Severine Fillion & Adriano Castagnoli; Musik by The Washboard Union

The world

Choreographie: Maggie Gallagher; Musik by Brad Paisley

Cowboy Up 2

Choreographie: Tonnie Vos; Musik by Thilly Frank

American Kids

Choreographie: Randy Pelletier; Musik by Kenny Chesney

Break it back down

Choreographie: Dwight Meessen; Musik by Pat Green

Never Gonna Break Your Heart

Choreographie: Gaye Teather; Musik by Derek Ryan

Feel The Beet

Choreographie: Chris Watson, Musik by Ashley Dallas

Drinking Problem

Choreographie: Darren Bailey; Musik by Midland

The Green Side

Choreographie: Micaela Svensson Erlandsson & Adam Astmar, Musik: The Green Side by George Canyon

Nancy Mulligan

Choreographie: Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly, Musik by Derek Ryan

SaMy's Porch

Choreographie: Peter 'Pitt' Graf, Musik: If the World had a front Porch by Tracy Lawrence


Choreographie: Mario & Lilly Hollensteiner, Musik: Darlene by T. Graham Brown

Oh, kiss me Mary

Choreopgraphie: Anna Maria Badia, Musik: Mary by Drek Ryan

Happy, Happy, Happy

Choreographie: Angeles Mateu Simon, Musik: Soggy Bottom Summer by Dean Brody

Some Girls

Choreographie: Steve Mason, Musik: Some Girls Will by The Dean Brothers

Golden Wedding Ring

Choreographie: Severine Fillion Musik: Golden Ring by Terri Clark & Dierks Bentley

Tell It To My Heart

Choreographie: Gudrun Schneider & Mathias Pflug Musik: Tell It To My Heart by Filatow & Karas

It's Friday Night

Choreographie: John Warnars, Musik: It's Friday Night by Tim Culpepper

Chasing Down a Good Time

Choreographie: Dan Albro, Musik: Chasin Down a Good Time by Randy Houser

Choreographie: Rens Koning & Jean Beets, Musik: Everywhere by Mo Pitney

Something Blue

Choreographie: Rens Koning & Jean Beets, Musik: Something Blue by Neil Diamond


Aktuelle Tänze 2016

Dance on Sunday

Choreographie: Ole Jacobsen feat. Nina K., Musik: I never work on Sunday by Keith Urban

Bucket Seats (PT)

Choreographie: Dan Albro, Musik: Somewhere in my Car by Keith Urban

Traveling Swing (PT)

Choreographie: Dan Albro, Musik: Good Night by Billy Currington

The Queen

Choreographie: Remi Lemaire, Guillaume Richard & Gaetan Bachellerie, Musik: Tilted by Christine and The Queen


Choreographie: Rudy Honing & Wesley F. Wessels, Musik: Firefly by Dreek Ryan

Lindi Shuffle

Choreographie: Jane Smee, Musik: Redneck Girl by Bellamy Brothers

Tag On

Choreographie: David 'Lizard' Villellas, Musik: Too Strong to Break by Beccy Cole

An Absolute Dream

Choreographie: ...................... Musik: Land of Dreams by Rosanne Cash

This and That

Choreographie: Gary Lafferty, Musik: Woman by Mark Chesnutt

I saw the light

Choreographie: Mario & Lilly Hollensteiner, Musik: I saw the light by Conny Lee

Gypsy Queen

Choreographie: Hazel Pace, Musik: Gypsy Queen von Chris Norman

Lay Down and Dance

Choreographie: Fiona Murray & Roy Hadisubroto, Musik: Baby, Let's lay down and dance by Garth Brooks

Thanks a lot

Choreographie: Maribel Vives, Musik: Thanks a lot by Robert Mizzell

You Don't Know Me

Choreographie: Fred Chabbat, Musik: You Don't know me by Offenbach

Sweet Johnny

Choreographie: Mario & Lilly Hollensteiner, Musik: Swing Low sweet Chariot by Scooter Lee

2 Lane Highway

Choreographie: Gary O'Reilly, Musik: Me and My Girl by Vince Gill

Lay Low

Choreographie: Alexanda Hungerbühler, Musik: Lay Low by Josh Turner

Start Up in Motion

Choreographie: Dieter Sander, Musik: ÜP by Shania Twain (Pop Version)

Wrong Direction

Choreographie: Rudy Honing, Musik: Wrong Direction by Passenger

Tripple Mix

Choreographie: Lorne Mursell, Musik: Country Medley by Nathan Carter

Little Ways

Choreographie: Annie Brown, Musik: Little Ways by Dwight Yoakam

I Got Stripes

Choreographie: Marie Sörensen & Sally Hung & Caroline Cooper & Adrian Helliker, Musik: I Got Stripes by Hallur Joensen

Drinking with Dolly

Choreographie: Séverine Fillion, Musik: Drinking with Dolly by Stéphanie Quayle

Long Way from Waylon

Choreographie: Rudy Honing & Wesley F. Wessels, Musik: Long Way From Waylon by Meghan Patrick

Patsy Fagan

Choreographie: Francien Sittrop, Musik: Patsy Fagan by Derek Ryan

Go Shanty

Choreographie: Micaela Svensson Erlandsson, Musik: Stomp And Go Shanty by Hot Ashpelt

16 Bars

Choreographie: Edu Roldos & Lidia Calderreo, Musik: 16 Bars by Connor Christian & Soutern Gothic

We Went

Choreographie: Kristina Kovatch, Musik: We Went by Randy Houser

Ex's and Oh's

Choreographie: Amy Glass, Musik:  Ex's and Oh's von Elle King

Mr. Jones

Choreographie: Serge Pénard, Musik: Mr. Jones by The Mavericks

Blackpool By The Sea

Choreographie: Gaye Teather, Musik: Blackpool By The Sea by Dave Sheriff

Corn don't Grow

Choreographie: Tina Argyle, Musik: Where corn Don't Grow by Travis Tritt

Give my Love to Rose

Choreographie: Marie Sorensen, Musik: Hallur Joensen

Stay Strong

Choreographie: David Villellas, Musik: Absolutely Positively by Mitchel John


Choreographie: Rachael McEnaney, Musik: Homegrown von Zack Brown Band

Big Blue Tree

Choreographie: Ria Vos, Musik: Big Blue Tree von Michael English




Tänze 2015

Nobody's Child

Choreographie: H.R Adi INA, Musik: Nobody's Child by Skeeter Davis und Sonny B.

Walk on by

Choreographie: Joanne Brady, Musik: Walk on by by Scooter Lee


Choreographie: Adriano Castagnoli, Musik: If I could go back again von Matt Mason

Locklin's Bar

Choreographie: Maggie Gallagher, Musik: Locklin's Bar von Michael English

Tipperary Girl (Neu)

Choreographie: Manuela Kaiser, Musik: Tipperary Girl von Ritchie Remo

Where We've Been

Choreographie: Lana Harvey Wilson, Musik: Remember When by Alan Jackson

Love Is Like

Choreographie: Maggie Callagher, Musik: Love is by Rot Stewart


Choreographie: Adriano Castagnoli, Musik: Fish - Aaron Watson, It's alright to be a redneck - Alan Jackson


Choreographie: Alison Biggs & Peter Meltnick, Musik: Up (ft. Demi Lovato) von Olly Murs

I Say So Long (Workshop LD Party Estorf)

Choreographie: Guerit Schelling, Musik: I say so long - Steve & Heather

Like a Rose

Choreographie: Mal Jones (U.K.), Musik: Like A Rose by Ashley Monroe

Like a Rose - for 2

Choreographie:  Helene Lavoie & Michel Auclair, Musik: Like A Rose by Ashley Monroe

Blurred Lines

Choreographie: by Chicago Freddie Edmonds, Musik: Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke

Flobie Slide

Choreographie: Flo Cook, Musik: u. a. Little less talk & a lot more action by Toby Keith 

Tag On

Choreographie: David 'Lizard' Villellas, Musik: Too Strong To Break von Beccy Cole

Don't Look Good Naked

Choreographie: Eddie Huffman, Musik: I Don't Look Good Naked Any More by The Snake Oil Willie Band

Jacket Joe

Choreographie: Esther & José, Musik: Trapper Jacket Joe von George McAnthony

An Amazing Waltz

Choreographie: Eddie Bolton, Musik: Amazing Grace by The Sporran Brothers


Choreographie: Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick, Musik: Apple Jack von Lisa McHugh


Choreographie: Séverine Fillion, Musik: Bounty by Dean Brody

Get Your Feet Off The Ground

Choreographie: Jean Beets & Rens Koning, Musik: Kees Plat - Get Your Feet Off The Ground

Tell The World

Choreographie: Robbie McGowan Hickie, Musik: Tell The World von Eric Hutchinson

Rockin' With The Rhythm

Choreographie: Rob Fowler, Musik: Rockin' With The Rhythm Of The Rain von The Judds

And You You You

Choreographie: Katrin und Toralf Tylla, Musik: Colour Me In von Rea Garvey

We Only Live Once

Choreographie: Robbie McGowan Hickie, Musik: We Only Live Once von Shannon Noll

Booze Cruise

Choreographie: Charles Alexander (Swe 06/14), Musik: The Booze Cruise by Blackjack Billy

Paddy's Reel

Choreographie: Joe Warren, Musik: Paddy McCarthy von Corrs

Smokey Places

Choreographie: Michele Perron, Musik: Smokey Places by Ronnie McDowell

Blue Cha

Choreographie: Fred Buckley & Vivienne Scott 05/10, Musik: Blue Cafe by Major Dundee

Hearts On Fire

Choreographie: Bob Pfau, Musik: I Need More Of You by The Bellamy Brothers

Chilly Cha

Marie Sørensen (Sunshine Cowgirl) DK - 09/12, Musik: "Chilly Cha Ca" by Jessica Jay

Patient Heart

Choreographie: Michael Vera-Lobos & Lisa Foord

Peace Train

Choreographie: Julie Molkner, Musik: Peace Train (Holy Roller Mix) by Dolly Parton

One Hell Of A Ball

Choreographie: Ivonne Verhagen 12/14, Musik: One Hell of a Ball - Simon Burridge

Queen Of Hearts

Choreographie: Ruth Gough, Musik: Queen Of Hearts by Juice Newton

No Trouble

Choreographie: Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell

Sloop (JR)

Choreographie: Jean Beets & Rens Koning 12/14, Musik: Sloop John B., Dwight Yoakam (covered Beach Boys)

Peace Begins With Me

Choreographie: Anne Otto 12/14, Musik: Peace Begins With Me, Mike Donaghy & Border Crossing


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